If you are cold and pregnant, beware of medications!.


In this time of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, many pregnant women fall victim to colds or the common cold. Even if you live in the south, where it is now summer, it can also happen that you catch a cold due to sudden changes in temperature. If you are pregnant, be careful before choosing an over-the-counter medicine or a medicinal herb to combat your symptoms, as they can affect the development of your baby. Find out so you can make an informed decision.


It is never good to get sick, but when you are pregnant, there is no worse nightmare. Women should take care of themselves, even if they call them exaggerated. Laura, who is 6 months pregnant, avoids all sick people «as if they were the plague.» And the truth, although her friends are offended, Laura has every reason and right to protect themselves from the viruses that haunt around and that cause the annoying common cold or catarrh . There is a reason that many people do not know: during pregnancy the body’s defenses are weakened so that the woman’s body does not reject the baby. That is why this stage of pregnancy causes women to become more prone to contracting viruses and infections. Until the flu


If this is your case, and you suddenly wake up with cough, nasal congestion, headache and other discomforts typical of the cold, do not run to the pharmacy to buy any over-the-counter medication. That’s right: aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol) and some medicinal herbs should be used with caution and NEVER without asking your doctor.

This is because some medicines contain substances that may be harmful to the developing fetus, or that have not been well studied for use in pregnant women. This is the recommendation of the experts and again confirmed by pediatricians from the University of California in San Diego, United States.

Therefore, it is better to take precautions against cold medicines while you are pregnant. Take note!

  • Avoid oral decongestants in the first trimester of your pregnancy, as their ingredients are harmful to the development of the abdominal wall of the fetus. Use drops of saline to help with nasal congestion (in the nose) if you need. They sell them at the pharmacy or you can prepare them at home with warm water, salt and baking soda.
  • Be careful with the herbal ingredients (from herbs) found in many over-the-counter or recommended medications, as the effect of some herbs may be negative for your pregnancy or has not yet been evaluated to determine if it has any effect harmful. So in case of doubt, abstain!
  • Do not abuse the throat candies, because although they can relieve you temporarily, they may contain vitamin C and zinc, which should be taken in moderate doses during pregnancy (80 to 100 milligrams a day of vitamin C and 11 milligrams a day of zinc )
  • Keep in mind that cold medicines contain ingredients to combat a variety of symptoms, and you may not need all of that to feel better.
  • The most important thing: Check with your doctor without fail!

If you have a cold or you have a cold and you are pregnant, you better rest, drink lots of fluids, sleep tilted (with several pillows) and do your best to avoid medications for the sake of your baby. The prevention is also key: eat well, wash your hands frequently and as Laura, stay away from sick people to keep viruses and infections at bay during your months of gestation..

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