Prolonged pregnancy: «Why is not my baby born?»


Marcela was told that her son was born two weeks ago and is not born yet! What happens when a pregnancy goes on longer than expected? If it’s your case, quiet. It is believed that 5% of pregnancies are post-term. Here we tell you about what is the prolonged pregnancy. 


When you found out you were pregnant, the doctor first asked you what the date of the first day of your last menstrual period was. This is done in order to calculate how long you have been pregnant and also, the possible date of delivery. If you have a good memory and your menstrual periods are regular, it is more likely that they give you a more accurate date. But if, on the other hand, you do not remember which day your last menstruation arrived, or your periods are irregular, the estimated date of delivery may be less precise.


The doctor will then try to calculate the time you take for pregnancy through ultrasound and evaluating the size of your uterus. However, as a general rule, a pregnancy is considered to have come to an end between 38 and 42 weeks . If the baby takes longer to arrive, you have what is called a prolonged pregnancy.

What is the reason for a prolonged pregnancy?

What is the reason that your baby is delayed in being born? There are factors that influence that you can have a prolonged pregnancy or that exceeds the estimated date of delivery:

  • May this be your first pregnancy
  • You do not know exactly the date of your last menstrual period
  • You have had a pregnancy before the end of the term
  • That other women in your family have gone through a post-term pregnancy
  • Let your baby be a child

If your baby is not born yet, you should not worry, because a prologue pregnancy rarely has to do with any problem in your body or your baby. Of course, you must be tired of being pregnant and this can generate anxiety. But I insist, do not worry. Your doctor will check you every week to assess your baby’s heartbeat, how the placenta is and, if necessary, induce labor, because if the baby is very large, it may be difficult to have a normal vaginal delivery.

Therefore, follow the recommendations of your doctor and try to remain calm and have patience. Use the extra time that extended pregnancy gives you to prepare the house, to stock your food refrigerator, and, as much as possible, give yourself time and do things that are fun and distracting.

Remember, be patient and put in the hands of your doctor that he or she will know what to do in these cases.

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